Longwei Group

Longwei Group is a private company founded in June of 1993, with headquarters located in the coastal city of Linghai, Zhejiang, China. Longwei is a leading manufacturer of Christmas lights, aluminum construction materials, and electrical cables, with the Christmas lights being the key product for the company. Longwei conducts all the research and development of product lines, and distributes all manufactured products. Initially founded with 65 million RMB,occupies over 60,000 square meters. 


Founded In


Cover an area

2000 +

Product category

3 million

production capacity

Longwei's motto is "Satisfying the customer is our goal; our standard is meeting their need." Longwei also has a management motto of "Use the best people, technology, equipment, and management to provide the best products and services for the customer." The Christmas light series has had increasing sales for the last 30 years. The LED lighting include: linear, branching, chandelier, tree-hanging, waterfall, stalactite, and other decorative Christmas lights. The total Christmas light product line includes over 2,000 products, with annual production more than 30 million units. Currently more than 1500 types of products are certified by the European Union, been CE certified, and British Standard (BS) certified. Longwei has attained ISO9001 certification in 2002, and has attained ISO 14001 certification in 2014. Longwei has also attained GB/T45001 certification for career health safety management and SA8000 certification for social responsibility management. The company logo " ESLONGWEI" is registered trademark in the USA, European Union, and in over 25 countries and territories. Longwei currently sells its products in over 30 countries. By using the internationally registered logo, Longwei is expanding its international sales, research and development, and shipping of all product lines.

 For the past few years, the company has been awarded the Credit enterprise by Zhejiang province, along with a AAA contract rating. Longwei also has followed Import/Exit standards strictly and has achieve an A rating from Zhejiang Customs, and an A rating from Zhejiang Entry/Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Longwei has also achieved an AAA credit rating from Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and other financial institutions.


“Wonderful life, brighter world” Longwei will continue its research and development to making breakthroughs in product development, and will continue to provide the best products and services. Longwei will continue to welcome both old and new customers to work with Longwei to create a better future.