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Founded in October 2006, the company headquarters is located in linhai city, is linhai city industrial aluminum leading enterprises. The main production of industrial aluminum, annual output of 13000 tons of aluminum industry. Companies with a total of 150 employees, including management and technical personnel a total of 20 people, accounting for 13.3% of the total, the company is committed to manufacturing, research and development of sophisticated, high precision of industrial aluminum products.

With domestic advanced large and medium-sized aluminum extrusion production lines, vertical quenching furnace device, the power of form a complete set, industry mold, inspection and other auxiliary equipment.
Company has strong technical force, scientific research center and research and development ability, relying on high-tech means, adopting domestic advanced extrusion technology and production technology, meet the needs of different customers.

The main products are aluminum pipe, aluminum rods, LvPai materials, aluminum, etc
Involved in a variety of alloys, dozens of industries, thousands of varieties, thousands of kinds of specifications. Widely used in leisure supplies, arts and crafts area, equipment manufacturing, etc.

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